Five reasons to order a branded Christmas Game

The run-up to December is always one of our busiest times.

Many of our corporate clients want a way to say “Cheers!” to staff, clients and suppliers with something a little more inspiring than an e-card featuring the management team drinking sherry in festive jumpers.

Year on year, our clients have found that ‘something’ in our festive games.

So why should you consider joining them and ordering a branded Christmas game? Well – we can think of five good reasons.

1. Measurable engagement

Games offer a platform through which brands can engage with players, subtly providing useful reminders of their products and services, informing them of special offers and promotions and building brand awareness.

Our branded Christmas games regularly gain engagement figures between 15 and 25 minutes on average. That’s pretty compelling when you consider that we are normally distracted after 8 seconds!

2. Brand personality

When you’re part of a larger corporation, personality can get a little lost in shareholder reports and sales forecasts. It can get a little, well, corporate.

Sometimes it’s worth putting aside industry norms and doing something to make you stand out. Sending out a festive game can add a bit of fun to the brand persona and make your audience smile, especially as the season of giving tends to make people more relaxed and receptive, regardless of industry.

Our clients include insurance brokers, financial institutions, travel and tourism companies, energy brokers and popular drinks brands, to name a few of the varied bunch who commission games with great results.

Since over 32 million people play games in the UK, chances are a large proportion of your audience are already entertained by this medium. This is why games are becoming an ever more popular marketing channel and a way for brands to be playful and approachable.      

3. Reach

Piknik will provide your branded game on its very own URL that you can send directly to your targeted mailing list or link to from your website.

The social media sharing functionality included in your game will also allow your players to share their scores directly to a range of social media platforms, with the leaderboards giving the games a competitive edge.

The chance to win a prize will make players more likely to play and share their scores on social media, raising awareness of the game among their connections and increasing your reach. 

4. Cost effectiveness

White-label games are a fraction of the cost of developing a brand-new engine. They’re playable on mobile, tablets and desktop computers so players can access them no matter their device preference. Compare the cost of this to posting out hundreds of Christmas cards or sending out festive hampers and we’re confident you’ll see the savings to be had with a branded game.

All of our white-label game engines have been tried and tested with the end player in mind to give your brand the chance to engage with your audiences, current and new, in a way that is proven and fun.

With our games, you’re not investing in the engine development, you're investing in your brand.

5. Quick to turn around

As in our personal lives, whilst we’re all acutely aware of Christmas, it doesn’t half have a habit of sneaking up on us!

The good news about a Piknik branded game is that all the hard development work has already been done so all that’s left is to put in the finishing touches! Simply pick the game you want, add your logo, your copy and any other little extras you fancy, and it’s done before you can say ‘Ho Ho How quick!?’. This gives you more time to focus on wrapping up before the festive break.

So, don’t forget to add a branded HTML5 Christmas game to your marketing wish list for the holiday season. 

Sounds good, right? If you need a little help convincing someone else in your team, we've pulled together a handy blog to do just that!

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