A walk-through guide to our process

Trying something new for the first time can be a bit daunting, so to remove some of the unknowns and give you a clear idea about what to expect from working with us, we've put together this walk-through guide.


If you haven't already, the first step is as simple as that. Have a browse and play of each of our games. Pick your favourite or the one you feel works for your brand & audience. How you decide this is going to be largely up to you. We'd recommend sharing them with your colleagues to get their thoughts too.


A standard game is great if you want to send your audience something fun as a festive thank-you. But if you want to run a competition, or encourage your players to share the game you'll need to add some of the following when you buy.

Leaderboards: Give your players the ability to submit their scores to the leaderboard and compete against their friends. Perfect for campaigns with a prize on offer and doubles as a method of permission based data capture too.

Social Sharing: This adds a sharing panel which enables your players to easily share the game and their scores directly to their favourite social media channel. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email and LinkedIn for you corporate types! You could include a dedicated hashtag for your game campaign which can be a great way to encourage shares and track social engagement.

Performance Reports: If you're already comfortable setting up a Google Analytics account and tracking ID you can supply this and we'll incorporate it into your game. But if not, or you’d simply prefer a helping hand in assessing the game's performance, we can supply a one-page engagement report at the end of the campaign. The report includes details of the total number of players, total number of games played, average engagement time per player, click through rates to your website, and social media shares. Lots of lovely data to demonstrate your ROI.


Once you’ve chosen your game and all your extras, you can checkout and place your order. Our store front is powered by Shopify, so you can use any major credit card or PayPal to pay for the order. Remember our money back guarantee; if for whatever reason you’re not happy with the finished game (before launch) we'll happily refund you.


Once we’ve received your payment, we'll send you a game copy template document to complete. This is simply an excel spreadsheet which you can edit as you please. Almost all the copy in the game can be amended, though there are some restrictions on format and length to ensure it fits in the available space properly.

When complete, email this along with appropriately sized brand logo's to us and we'll do the rest!


Once we’ve received your game copy and logos we’ll get to work! We’ll aim to have your game ready within two working days (we enjoy our weekends too!).

Once ready, we'll email you with a link to your game for you to approve.


We'll send you a secure link to your game which will be something like this: https://yourbrand.rooftoprunner.com/

We're pretty confident you'll love it, but if not, let us know why and we'll either aim to rectify the issue or process your refund as promised.

Assuming you're happy though, you'll just need to login into the game's admin section and click the "launch" button to enable public access to the game.

(Note: If we don't hear from you within seven days, or you go ahead and click the launch button, we'll take this to mean you're happy with it)


Once you're ready to start your campaign, hit the game's "launch" button and your game's unrestricted 60 day hosting period will begin.

Your game is now ready to roll out to your audience.


Link to it from your website, share it on your social media channels and shout about it in your newsletter! To help with this, we've put together a few pointers on making the most from your game campaign which you may find useful.


At the end the campaign, we'll send you your one-page report (if purchased) and you'll probably want to login to your game's admin system to export the list of players for inclusion in your own systems. Remember that only players that have opted-in to your marketing should be added to your mailing list.

In line with our own privacy policy, we'll delete / anonymise all leaderboard data two weeks after the campaign period has ended.


We're confident you'll be pleased with the results of your campaign. And if so, why not try running another campaign later in the year. We're aiming to release further seasonal themed versions of our games along with some new engines too. Sign up to our newsletter (in the footer of this page) for future updates on these.

Or if you fancy incorporating more of your brand into your next game, why not reach out to Team Cooper to ask about their tailored game service.

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