Proven crowd-pleasers: An overview of key engine stats

If you haven’t commissioned a branded game before it can be difficult to know if it’s going to work, it’s the same with any new channel, right? Without some sort of metric to predict the potential performance of a game it can be difficult to get sign-off and take the leap.

So, to help you along we’ve compiled some handy stats on each of our most popular game types.

Total Average Player Engagement Time (TAPET)

Comparing one game campaign against another can be tricky. Each of our clients have different audience demographics of varying sizes, and while it might be nice to say “This game was played 100,000 times”, it’s not that impressive if it had 100,000 players each only playing it once. In addition to this, our games all have different pacing meaning that three plays of one game might require as much involvement as one play of another.

To address this, we use the TAPET as a means to compare the performance of one game against another. Very simply, this is the total amount of time that all players have clocked up playing the game, divided by the total player count, giving us an average time that each player has spent playing.

What follows are median TAPETs reported for all game types (i.e. 51% of past Piknik projects have achieved these engagement times, or better).

All of our 2022 games now have the TAPET clearly displayed on the game dashboard along with other key stats, so you can benchmark your game against these figures.

Flyer (e.g. Jingle Jetpack, Easter Bunny Boost) 21 minutes
Runner (e.g. Rooftop Runner, Seaside Sprint) 24 minutes
Conga (e.g. Santa’s Christmas Conga, Office Party Conga) 38 minutes
Hopper (e.g. Hoppy Christmas) 20 minutes
Maze (e.g. Maze Raider) 13 minutes
Target Practice (e.g. Soccer Skill Shot) 22 minutes
Match-3 (e.g. Christmas Match-3, Mobile Match-3) 89 minutes (!!!)
Super Quiz (e.g. Get Quizzy & Football Quizmasters) 8 minutes
Racer (e.g. Rally Rivals) 12 minutes
Bouncer & Mega Match (e.g. Frosty Fortress & Flippin’ Faces)

These being our newest games, we do not have enough data to calculate a useful median. So far however, they are delivering TAPETs around the overall median of 22 minutes.

Maximising your engagement time

It’s important to keep in mind that a game on its own is not a marketing magic bullet. Whilst games are a great tool for engagement and data collection, they work even better when supported by a well thought out campaign.

Having good audience-relevant prizes, an appropriate competition structure, and making sure you take the time to promote the game and engage with it alongside your customers are all important factors for giving it the best possible chance.

To help you plan out your campaign we’ve pulled together a separate blog with some pointers on making the most from you game campaign.


(Stats last updated September 2022)

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