Proven crowd-pleasers: An overview of key engine stats

We get it. If you haven’t commissioned a game before, it can be difficult to know if it’s going to work. It’s the same with any new channel, right?

Without some sort of metric to predict the potential performance of a branded game, it can be difficult to get sign-off and take the leap.

To help you along, we’ve compiled some handy stats on each of our most popular game engines.

These stats are average results figures from each of the games commissioned by our clients in 2017/2018. We’ll aim to update these at the end of each year to provide you with the most accurate figures.

Conga Challenge

  • On average, Conga game sessions* tend to last almost 14 minutes.
  • Total engagement times range between 13 minutes and 1 hour 24 minutes (!), averaging out at just under 38** minutes per player.
  • Players played the Conga Challenge an average of 21 times each.

Jingle Jetpack / Flyer

  • Flyer game sessions* last just over nine minutes each on average.
  • Total engagement times ranged between 16 and 23 minutes with the average being just under 20 minutes per player.
  • Players played the Flyer an average of 15 times each.

Rooftop Runner

  • The average game session* lasts over nine and a half minutes.
  • Total engagement times range between 9 and 57 minutes, with the average being just over 23 minutes per player.
  • On average, each player comes back to play the Rooftop Runner 19 times each.

 *A game session is the total time the player spends interacting with the game in one sitting and usually comprises multiple gameplays. Our games are designed to be quick to play and so individual 'game duration' rarely exceeds 2 - 3 minutes.

**It’s worth bearing in mind that three of the Conga games had much higher engagement times than the others, skewing the average up a bit.

So, what to expect?

As you can see, the engagement times for our games can vary a fair amount. In the Conga’s case, the engagement has been so high in some instances that we originally didn’t post them here because we didn’t think anybody would believe them!

With that in mind though, assuming that your game is properly promoted to a reasonably sized audience, we would expect to see the following average engagement times for each:

  • Runner: 17+ minutes per player.
  • Flyer: 18+ minutes per player.
  • Conga: 20+ minutes per player.

No magic bullet

Of course, there are many variables when looking at the measurable results of games. For example, the audience size, their affinity to games, or the competition prize that enticed them to play. These figures are based on actual previous client games and we think they’re pretty compelling.

It’s important to keep in mind that a game on its own is not a marketing magic bullet that will drive new customers to your website, ordering your widgets in their droves! Whilst games are a great tool for engagement and data collection, they work best when supported by a well-thought-out campaign, to give it the best possible start.

To help you plan out your campaign we’ve pulled together a quick blog with some pointers on making the most of your game campaign.

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