What is trade show mode?

All of our ready-to-go Piknik games are available in either web mode (default) or trade show mode. When purchasing a Piknik game, you’ll see that there’s the option to select ‘Trade Show Mode’ on the product page.

Piknik Trade Show Mode Screenshot

Here we’ll explain the differences between the two modes and answer a few FAQs on the subject.

Web mode (default)

By default, our games are designed to be played by players with their own device and internet connection (smartphone, tablet, desktop etc.). Features of this approach include:

  • Player data is stored in order to easily update high scores
  • Games include external links (i.e. to your homepage or a landing page)
  • Games include social share buttons (standard and premium packages only)
  • Certain games have multiple levels for increased player engagement

Trade show mode

Trade show mode has been designed for when our games are used at trade shows, exhibitions, or other types of event. They are typically played on the same device or a small number of devices (touchscreens, arcade cabinets etc.), and are intended for quicker gameplay.

The key differences when compared to the default web mode include:

  • Most games have a lower minimum score requirement
  • Player data is cleared between games so nothing is pre-filled on the score submission screen
  • No music or sound on the idle screens
  • Multi-level games operate as a single level
  • ‘Game Over’ and ‘Submit Score’ screens return to the main menu after an idle period
  • Main menu cycles between leaderboard screen and an ‘attract’ screen showing off the game and high scores
  • All external links are disabled
  • Social share buttons are removed
Gameplay on arcade cab at trade show


Why are there differences in the way the games behave?

It all comes down to the environment and intended use cases. The default web versions of our games are designed to engage players for longer periods of time, whereas players at trade shows are less likely to try the game over and over again.

Your objectives at a trade show are probably to grab attention, drive footfall, spark conversations, and capture qualified leads. Quicker gameplay lends itself to these things, while still being fun for the player.

What devices will the games run on?

The best devices to use when running our games at a trade show are iPads, large touchscreens, or branded arcade cabinets.

Do I need an internet connection at my show?

Yes. The leaderboard is stored on our webservers, so you won’t be able to load the game or submit scores without a WiFi or 4G/5G internet connection. This connection doesn’t need to be super-fast, as once the game has loaded, only a small amount of data is passed back and forth.

Does my iPad / touchscreen need to be set up in a particular way?

Yes – please contact us for detailed setup guides for using iPads and large touchscreens at trade shows.

Can you provide the devices?

We don’t currently provide any devices for using our games at trade shows, but we’ll be happy to provide suggestions about what might work well for you and your game.

Is there some way to display a separate leaderboard for the scores?

Yes - All standard package games have a separate leaderboard which you can display on a device or large screen at your event.

Can I use trade show mode with the budget package?

No, trade show mode is not available with the budget package.

Can I remove the minimum score?

The scores in our games have been set to encourage gameplay while being relatively easy to achieve. By having a minimum score, you'll reward players for their engagement and increase the chances of them submitting their score to the leaderboard.

Can I combine trade show mode with a calendar?

No. The digital advent calendar is designed for a longer campaign (i.e. 12 days or 24 days) and does not work with trade show mode. If you'd like to learn more, check out our blog on how to use a digital advent calendar.

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If you're interested in using a branded game at your next trade show or event, we'd highly recommend grabbing a free copy of The Trade Show Games Playbook over on our Peek & Poke site. 

This in-depth guide is packed full of info about planning, presentation, event day, follow-up, and more!

Trade Show Games Playbook by Peek & Poke

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