Christmas Conga
Christmas Conga
Christmas Conga
Christmas Conga
Christmas Conga
Christmas Conga
Christmas Conga
Christmas Conga
Christmas Conga

Christmas Conga

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It's the office Christmas party and your aim is to get everyone dancing! Navigate your way around the office, collecting colleagues for your conga line as the festive music plays.

Pick up those chocolate coins for added points, but be careful of the furniture or else your conga will come to an end with a bump!

Based on past projects, this engine usually delivers an average engagement time of 20 minutes per player.

Christmas 2021 Advent Calendar Offer. We want to help you get the most out of your game campaign this Christmas, so for this year only, we're offering a free digital advent calendar with every Standard and Premium package.

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Package Comparison

Budget Essential
Standard Premium
Price (Ex. VAT) £595 £895 £1,295 £1,695
Max Campaign Length 15 days 30 days 60 days 60 days
Pre-Defined Data Capture Form* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Peek & Poke Logo Removed -
Yes Yes
Social Sharing Buttons - - Yes Yes
End of Campaign Report - - Yes Yes
Optional Advent Calendar £295 £295 Yes Yes
Custom Game Name & Domain - - - Yes

*Our data capture forms are pre-built with pre-defined fields. See FAQs for more information on data capture fields.


Budget package

Includes everything you need to quickly send a branded game to your audience:

  • Add your brand logo to the menu and 'game over' screens.
  • Change the in-game copy to suit your campaign and add links back to your website.
  • Lead-capture screen and high-score leaderboard, allowing you to run a prize-draw competition for your audience.
  • Download submitted player data (CSV export).
  • Secure, personalised game URL (e.g.
  • 15-day campaign.
  • Buy now, get set up and launch when you’re ready.

Essential package

Includes everything in the Budget package, plus the following:

  • Removal of "Game by Peek & Poke" from all menu screens.
  • Longer 30-day campaign.
  • Connect to your existing Google Analytics account.

Standard package

Everything included in the Essential package, plus the following to boost your audience engagement:

  • Additional social sharing screen.
  • Add custom messaging for your choice of channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and/or WhatsApp.
  • Additional friends leaderboard, allowing your audience to connect with their friends or colleagues and easily compare scores!
  • Even longer 60-day campaign.
  • One-page end of campaign report including details of how many unique players, total plays, website CTR and total average player engagement figures.

Premium package

Gives you everything included in the Standard package, plus a little extra customisation:

  • Choose your own game name and we’ll design a new game logo just for you!
  • We'll also set up the game with your own custom domain/subdomain (e.g. or
  • Dedicated account manager.

      Want more customisation? 

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