Performance Report

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Why not leave the number crunching to us?

If you don't have a Google Analytics account or you simply don't have the time to collate an end of campaign stats report for your Piknik game, we can help.

Include a Performance Report in your package and we'll do all the rounding up of key stats on our side and provide them to you in a handy one page report. This report will cover the following:

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Core Game Stats

  • How many players played your game in total.
  • How many games were played during your campaign.
  • The percentage of new players vs. those returning.

Engagement Stats

  • The length of the average session duration.
  • How many sessions each player came back for on average.
  • The average number of games each player completed.
  • The total average engagement time per player.

Marketing KPIs

  • How many scores were submitted to the leaderboard (if leaderboard purchased).
  • Website click through rates.
  • Overall page views of your game.
  • Total number of social shares (if social sharing was purchased).
  • Marketing opt-in figures.


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