Piknik Promise

We understand that trying something new can be as challenging as it is exciting. The investment, the risk, the uncertainty.

But one thing we’re certain of is that we’re really proud of our games. We make games that people want to play and we've worked hard to ensure that both gameplay and brand are given equal consideration.  You can read more about the levels of engagement you should expect from our engines on our blog.  

We want you to feel as proud of your game as we do, so to make the process as simple and risk-free for you as possible, we’ve committed to the following:

48 hours...

...is all you'll have to wait. Christmas can be a testing time. When you’re trying to get everything wrapped up and planned out for the new year ahead, we know how frustrating it can be to miss an opportunity because of a three month development window.  

We'll send you a link to your game within two working days of receiving your copy and logos.

Money back guarantee

You’ll get a link to approve your game before you share it with your audience. In the unlikely event that it’s not what you expected (or maybe your boss doesn’t like it, we won’t judge!), let us know and we’ll cancel the order and give you your money back.

No usage restrictions

When you’re ready to launch, your game will be available on a personalised, secure URL for 60 days (e.g.https://yourbrand.jinglejetpack.com/) more than enough time to run a seasonal campaign. You can share it with as many people as you want, on whichever channels you want, with no additional usage, player number or impression restrictions. So, you're free to share the joy far and wide!


We’re thrilled with the results and that it's proving very popular. It’s really encouraging and goes to show that this medium is a great way to keep our audience engaged in a positive way.

DFDS Seaways

The target audience really enjoyed the game, and we’ve seen some of the brokers we were actively targeting engage with the game too, which was a real bonus!

Opus Energy