How much does Piknik cost?

Our pricing structure is super simple. We have three Piknik packages for you to choose from.

The Essential package, gives you everything you need to run a game campaign for 30 days, including high-score leaderboard and the ability to run a competition for your audience.

Choose the Standard, 60 day package, if you’d like to encourage your audience to share the game with their network, with built-in social sharing and friends leaderboard too.

Our newest Premium package gives you all that, plus an opportunity to have a personalised game name, to offer further brand alignment with your industry, campaign or product.

If your running a Christmas campaign you'll also find an option to include an Advent Calendar, to entice your audience back to play everyday! 

You’ll find a little more about each package below and if you need help to decide just give us a call.

Prices are all exclusive of VAT.


£ 850 GBP

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£ 1200 GBP

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£ 1695.00 GBP

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New for 2020

Digital Advent Calendar

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Any Questions?

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