Branded Seasonal Games

A quick and cost effective way to gamify your marketing promotions.

So you’re looking for something different to engage your audience? Smart move.

You've come to the right place. Online branded games are engaging, entertaining and a great way to boost your seasonal marketing campaigns in a quick and cost effective way.

From Valentines to Easter, Halloween and Christmas, we’ve got you covered. 

Have a look around, have a play, and start planning your next marketing campaign. 

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What our clients say...

We had a lot of fun with our Piknik game. Our clients said that it was the very best Christmas Greeting they’d had!"

Nicholas Wagner, ANCORP (US)

The game has been a great engagement tool and the perfect way to bring our campaign to life."

Colin Sneath, Huddle Media

If you have any questions about the way Piknik works, or if you'd like a free demo, just get in touch we'll happily have a chat and take you through it. Call the team on +44 (0) 114 399 1011 or email us on

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Trying something new can be as challenging as it is exciting.

To make buying from us as simple and risk-free as possible, we've committed to a few things.

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A walk-through guide to our process

Trying something for the first time can be a bit daunting, so to give you a clear idea about what to expect from working with us, we've put together this walk-through guide.

Key game statistics

An overview of key engine stats

If you've never commissioned a game before it’s really difficult to know what to expect. To help you along we’ve compiled some handy stats on each of our most popular game engines.

Can a Christmas game work for my business?

How exactly can this fit into your Christmas strategy? Here's some tips on how a game can work for you.