Maze Raider
Maze Raider
Maze Raider
Maze Raider
Maze Raider
Maze Raider
Maze Raider
Maze Raider
Maze Raider

Maze Raider

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A game inspired by the arcade classic, Pac-Man.

Collecting pips and avoiding monsters is the aim. You'll be sure to score points with your audience as they play this fun and nostalgic game, again and again. 

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Standard features:

  • Make the game your own by adding your brand logo to the menu and game over screens.
  • Amend the in-game copy to suit your campaign messaging.
  • Secure game URL (e.g.
  • 60 day service, starting when you’re ready. Buy now, get setup and hit the launch button at the start of your campaign.
  • Compatible with Google Analytics.

Optional extras:

Competition Leaderboard 

  • Add your competition copy and prize imagery.
  • Data capture screen.
  • High score leaderboard.
  • Leaderboard admin section for downloading submitted player data (CSV export).

Social Sharing

  • Social sharing screen.
  • Add custom messaging for your choice of channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email and/or WhatsApp.

Performance Report

  • One page end of campaign report including details of how many unique players, total plays, website CTR and total average player engagement figures.
  • Please add this option to your basket separately through the performance report product page.

Want more customisation? 

Piknik is a service provided by Peek & Poke. If you're looking for more customisation options, visit our website to learn more about how our games can be further tailored to your campaign.

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