Premium Football Advent Calendar Game Bundle
Premium Football Advent Calendar Game Bundle
Premium Football Advent Calendar Game Bundle
Premium Football Advent Calendar Game Bundle
Premium Football Advent Calendar Game Bundle

Premium Football Advent Calendar Game Bundle

Regular price Ā£ 5,390.00 GBP Sale price Ā£ 3,995.00 GBP + VAT

New for 2022, it's a festive footballing extravaganza! šŸŽ„āš½

This year weā€™re offering a Premium Christmas and Football Bundle that allows you to chooseĀ up toĀ fiveĀ differentĀ Premium Piknik games from our Christmas and football collections,Ā combine those with a digital advent calendar, and get it allĀ from just Ā£3,995 + VAT.

Run a weekly, 12-day or 24-day advent calendar and give away prizes each day.Ā You could haveĀ your calendar cycle between games each day, have one game each week, or have certain games offered on certain days (for example, your football games could appear on days when home nations are playing in the World Cup).

Choose any games from ourĀ ChristmasĀ or Football collections including:Ā 

  • Santa'sĀ Football Runner (New for 2022)
  • Frosty Fortress (New for 2022)
  • Football Quizmasters (New for 2022)
  • Soccer Skillshot
  • Santa's Rooftop Runner
  • Jingle JetpackĀ 
  • Santa's Christmas CongaĀ 
  • Christmas Match-3
  • Football Runner
  • Flippin' Festive Faces
  • Get Quizzy Christmas SpecialĀ 
  • Hoppy ChristmasĀ Ā 
  • Christmas Maze Raider
  • Christmas Party Conga

To see an example of this bundle in action in a campaign, check out the Jingle Balls case study over on our Peek & Poke website!

Make it your own

This is a Premium-only offer, which means youā€™ll have a dedicated account manager to help plan your campaign and set up everything for you so that itā€™s ready to launch.

In this bundle you'll get all of this:Ā šŸ‘‡

  • Customised standalone advent calendar with custom title graphic & prize graphics (Designed by our team).
  • A custom domain nameĀ (e.g.
  • Up to five premium games (including friend leaderboards and social sharing features).
  • Custom title graphics forĀ each game (Designed by our team).
  • One in-game "prize bundle" image to be placed on the menu screen of each game.
  • One social share prize image to be placed on the share screen of each game.

If you'd like more information or want to discuss how this bundle could work for your brand, give us a call on 0114 399 1011 or drop us a message atĀ

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How to order

Choose your preferred bundle size, then addĀ it to your basket and checkout. Once we've received your order, we'llĀ arrange a callĀ to find out which games you'd like to feature in your bundle and how you'd like your prize calendar to be configured.

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