21 Ideas for Places to Hide Gifts at Home

Ideas for Hiding Gifts at Home Feature

Hiding gifts around the home can be a fun and creative way to surprise someone – especially when combined with a personalised video game that reveals the secret location when they win. Here are some ideas for clever hiding spots to keep that gift out of sight until it’s ready to be found!

Note that many of these suggestions relate to small gifts such as cash or vouchers – you may need to get a little more creative when it comes to larger presents!

Inside books

Slip a small gift between the pages of a book – choose one that they’re not likely to read or pick up any time soon! You could also use a hollowed-out book to create a hiding spot (probably best not to use their favourite book for this! 😬).

Books on Shelf as a Gift Hiding Place Idea

Magazine stash

Similar to the book idea, you could hide your gift inside a magazine or in amongst a stash of magazines.

In the kitchen

The kitchen offers up plenty of great hiding spots. Think cupboards, drawers, cereal boxes, or a bag of flour. Just be sure the recipient won't accidentally discover it while cooking!

In the fridge or freezer

If the gift is small and not temperature-sensitive, you can hide it behind food items in the fridge or freezer.

View Inside Fridge as Gift Hiding Place

Under a rug

Lift up a corner of a rug and slide the gift underneath. Needless to say, this obviously works best with a flat gift such as cash.

Clothing pockets

If the gift is small, consider hiding it in the pocket of a jacket, pair of jeans, or even inside a folded sweater. Just make sure it’s not something the recipient is likely to be wearing any time soon!

Plant pot

If you have a potted plant, tuck a small gift in the soil near the base or hide it under the pot itself. Be sure it's well-hidden but easy to retrieve.

Indoor Houseplants in Pots

DVD case

Slip a small gift inside a DVD or Blu-ray case before slotting it back onto the shelf.

Behind artwork

Place the gift behind a framed picture or artwork on the wall. Be sure the frame can easily be lifted or removed.

Behind a mirror

If you have a framed mirror, tape a small gift behind it. They won't notice until they take a closer look.

Circular Mirror on Wall in Home


Place the gift in a shoebox and then put it back with other shoes. You can also wrap the gift inside the shoebox as an added extra.

Under the bed

Slide the gift under a bed, between the mattress and bed frame, or even in a storage container under the bed.

Within a puzzle

If the person enjoys puzzles, you could place the gift inside a puzzle box. They'll have to solve the puzzle to get to their surprise.

Under cushions

Slip the gift under the cushions of a sofa or couch. Not recommended for anything that’s easily breakable!

Cushions on Sofa as an Idea to Hide a Gift

Inside a backpack or bag

Bags and backpacks come with the added bonus of having lots of different compartments and pockets to choose from – just make sure it’s not a bag that your intended recipient is going to be using!

Taped to the ceiling

Use double-sided tape to attach a small gift to the ceiling. Not recommended if there’s a risk of damage to paintwork.

Buried treasure

Bury a small box or container in a flower bed and mark the spot with a decorative stone or plant marker.

Beneath a garden bench

Tuck the gift under a garden bench or outdoor seat cushion.

Outdoor Garden Bench in Sunshine

In a bush or shrub

Choose a dense bush or shrub and carefully place the gift within the branches. It's like a natural gift wrap!

Rock pile stash

If you have a collection of rocks or decorative stones, carefully hide the gift among them and try to make it blend in naturally.

Garden shed

If you have a shed or tool storage area, hide the gift among the gardening tools or in another secret spot.

Garden Shed in Sunshine

When choosing a suitable hiding spot, remember to consider the size and nature of the gift. If hiding the gift outdoors or in a temperature-sensitive environment (such as a fridge or freezer), you may want to protect it with a cover such as a plastic bag.

Happy hiding!